Legendary Emcee, Epic Savier, his known for getting 300 MILLION downloads and streams in just 5 years during his historic reign in the early 2000s. Now you can download the legendary Maryland Rapper turned internet emcees music from the past 20 years for free.


Epic is known for his 200+ win streak in online hip hop battles. While also creating songs that catapulted his name to the Top 10 of MySpace for over a year before retiring from the industry.

Labeled one of the pioneers of internet rap, Maryland rapper, Savier is still regarded as one of the most accomplished underground Hip Hop artists of the early 2000s.


No strings attached, click the songs and download the music. All music is currently hosted on Google Drive.

Released Songs

Below you can download the songs Epic released. These are part of his music catalog that has generated over 100 million streams and downloads out of the 300+ million Epic has received.

2002 Mixtape

In 2002 Savier released a Hip Hop Mixtape that helped catapult his name to the top of the underground rap scene online. The mixtape generated 10s of millions of plays in just one year.

2004-2006 Mixtape

In 2004-2006 Epic released his second Hip Hop Mixtape.

Unreleased Songs

Some of these songs were simply never finished, or were finished but never uploaded for anyone to hear until now.

Songs Available to Purchase

Epic has recently (as of 2019) released a song that was thrown together rather abruptly. The song was instantly loved by faithful fans and requested to be placed on streaming services for download. Epic obliged.

“We Know, You Know” feat. Epic Savier & Zodiac

Released 2006

epic savier we know, you know feat zodiac

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Music Videos

Here are some of the songs featured above posted on YouTube to stream.